Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are an ideal way of showing locations to clients remotely who are not in the same geographic area or indeed may not have time to view multiple locations. This can be extremely useful for a variety of purposes including property viewing, assessing venue spaces, hotels, museums, shops and many more. Potential clients are not looking for surprises so having an online visual reference for locations that they can explore themselves can be invaluable, helping them make more informed decisions.

The process starts with taking a series of high resolution photographs of each area in a location then blending them together into a seamless panoramic view of each area. Once the images are merged we incorporate a simple user friendly navigation system with clickable links to travel between rooms or areas, this can be customized to include information boxes, multi-media content, hotspots and links. We then export the finished tour into a web package that is compatible with all platforms ready to embed into your company website.

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